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Metalforms…….. testing my brain

April 17, 2018

I have been spending a lot of time on Metalforms. Stitching, ripping, thinking. Today I’m posting some close up photos. My current plan is to complete the areas I have decided are OK and then go back to the thinking part.



April 9, 2018

Last Saturday our Metalforms group got together for a stitch and discuss session. We all agreed that the directions leave a lot to be desired. It seemed that the designer Jeff Kulick donated the award winning design to ANG and the staff and pilot stitchers wrote the instructions. We discussed colors as two of us are doing our own colors. Best of all we actually stitched and talked.

I am now working on the areas that I am sure I am not going to change. Here is where I am after several hours today. I had help from Needlepoint Nation in obtaining more of the overdye Impressions that will fill in behind the Jessicas. A fellow stitcher had a skein and sent it to me for shipping costs. Yeah‼️‼️ we are a wonderful group of people.

More Metalforms

April 5, 2018

Just a quick update on my Metalforms ……

I decided that my mountains needed to be expanded to help balance the dark color. My Threadworx overdye represents the green and golden aspen trees with a solid dark brown to carry the color from my overdye mountain area. I am not sure if anyone looking at my finished piece will see what I see but after all it is my vision.

The purple reversing scotch stitches will have metallic half scotch on top of the purple but I haven’t decided which one I want to use. There are two different samples stitched that I keep looking at. I used two values of purple and tried to random stitch…..I think it worked well.

This Saturday the Metalforms group is getting together to stitch and discuss the project. I am looking forward to seeing what others are doing. I hope to get some pictures to share with you.

Metalforms Project

April 2, 2018

Stitching and ripping…..stitching and ripping. This project is a lesson in what works and what doesn’t. I must admit that I am enjoying the challenge and making decisions, some that work and some that doesn’t.

I have come to the conclusion that even with awful directions I can progress. With some blank canvas in the design being off a thread or two can be adjusted. This project is not charted and the directions as to where to start different areas require reading way more than once.

A fellow Needlepointer took the time to chart the whole project (what patience) but even her chart is slightly off in some areas but still a great help..

Making up my colorway as I stitch has resulted in some of the ripping. I am trying to put small amounts of color in areas to see if “works”.

Here is where I am as of this morning.

You will note that I attempted to baste all the areas. It has really helped.

Mystery Geometric Completed

March 24, 2018

Last Thursday at our ANG monthly meeting I was very pleased to see four projects completed and on the Show and Share table. Mine is the lower right. The other four were completed by guild members. It really made me feel good to see so many completed designs.

I am now working on a new Summer Challenge for my guild also working on Metalforms and looking at my basket of WIPs. At the last meeting I turned in a dozen bookmarks for the guilds outreach program. There is never enough stitching hours in a day.

Metalforms Update

March 18, 2018

After days of border……I am moving on. I have not completed filling in the border as I am not sure what I want there. The thread called for is Flair…it is such a small area I don’t think I like that choice. I have moved on to Areas A and B.

The dark over dye in Area A is representative of the mountains I see out my windows. As I am heading towards sunset colors I just had to have my mountains ⛰

Area B sunset beginning. Here in Arizona we see all colors in our sunsets 🌅 I am choosing colors as I go on this project. It was designed as a monochromatic project. I am way out of the box. There is another Area A to the right of Area B. More mountains.

Home From Las Vegas

March 10, 2018

Fun and relaxing trips always go by so fast. I had a wonderful 5 days with my daughter. She went to continuing education classes for veterinary practice management and I stitched. Then we played.

Here is what I stitched. Using stash and simple instructions. I ran out of the gold for the small ornament but I knew I had more here at home.